David J Coulson

I am presently living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but hail from the UK (Wales, Scotland and England). Before arriving in Ottawa, my last place of residence was Beijing, China.

I have worked as a freelance photographer and have had my work published in various international publications.

This website is in it’s infancy, but hopefully it will continue metamorphose into something more substantial. As always, time is an issue.

An additional site will be piggybacking onto this site, and that will be the Deptford Crew site deptfordcrew.com:

an events and promotion group.


What you should or should not bother knowing


David J Coulson



Favorite Camera:

The one I’m holding

Favorite Subjects:

People, Places Architecture & much more.

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Too many to name!

Personal Motto:


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About me

DJ’ing in Beijing: Ben Huang at the Controls